By joining the association, you not only become part of a nationwide network of player development professionals, you also become part of the CCHA family. We are here to help you grow both personally and professionally. Investing in membership will provide you with a wealth of benefits. A sample of those benefits are highlighted below.

educational services

In addition to our workshops, publications and textbook the CCHA is in the process of developing the first accredited certification course for casino hosts that we hope to make an industry standard. CCHA members also receive exclusive information as well as discounts on all training and content.


Members have complimentary access to all CCHA research. This benefit alone makes an CCHA membership investment worthwhile. In addition to formal research, CCHA’s monthly publications will help members keep their finger on the pulse of what other hosts are doing.

High Standards

All members agree to adhere to the CCHA’s Code of Conduct. This shows a commitment to assuring players that their casino experience will be at the highest level of professionalism as it relates to communications, confidentiality, and treatment. CCHA members have access to a member’s pin which can be displayed to communicate adherence to CCHA’s high levels of standards and practices. Members also have access to a member logo which can be displayed on their business cards or social media.

Casino Industry Connections

The CCHA’s job bank, online membership directory and networking events make it easy to connect with other hosts and industry leaders. The annual host development conference will be the leading event for today’s player development professionals and is the perfect place to make new connections. Members receive special rates for the conference.


It is our mission to offer a strong central voice to express opinions and concerns on any issue affecting our industry. We aim to influence decisions politically, economically or socially to benefit our members.


  • Express your opinions and concerns on any issue affecting our industry
  • Connect at a local level and across the country with other hosts
  • Stay on top of trends and research
  • Networking opportunities that help advance your career
  • Training & Support
  • Tips to help develop players
  • Discounts on all content and networking events


Membership to the CCHA for 2019 is complimentary.