Code of Conduct

The Canadian Casino Host Association (CCHA) is dedicated to encouraging and promoting excellence in the player development profession. Members shall maintain the highest standard of conduct, act in fairness, integrity and dignity and in a manner not detrimental to the public, their employer or the CCHA. They shall not violate any laws in the performance of their duties. As members of the society they agree to abide by this code.

Canadian Casino Host Members Shall:

  • Pledge to Players to make responsible gaming, marketing and advertising a priority
  • Serve their associations faithfully, respecting confidentiality, and avoiding conflicts of interest and activities for personal gain at the expense of their associations or their members
  • Advise their associations' governing boards concerning any contemplated actions or decisions which they know to be illegal or unethical, and shall further advise their boards of the possible consequences of proceeding with such actions or decisions
  • Advise the Society of any member who may have committed an act in contravention of this Code
  • Foster an environment where the interaction among other members, employees, volunteers, suppliers and clients is conducted fairly, and discrimination, harassment or abuse of any sort is opposed
  • Support the Society in its efforts to advance the profession of casino hosts

Violations of this CCHA member code of conduct will be referred to the CCHAs board of directors. Disciplinary actions may include the suspension or termination of membership.


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